We are excited to announce a new payment method called LeisureLink® FastPay, which allows you to be paid as much as 45 days faster! With FastPay, you can receive payment at time of guest check-in for bookings received from third party sales channels, ultimately improving your cash flow and eliminating a lot of accounting work.

FastPay is a streamlined “single use” virtual credit card number that replaces the standard 45-day payment process. FastPay eliminates the need for you to invoice and wait on payment from third party sales channels because a virtual credit card number will be emailed to you at the time of booking. Once a guest checks in, you simply charge the single-use card number just like any other credit card, and you will receive payment in the same time frame as other credit card transactions you normally process.


The FastPay virtual card number is emailed to you at the time of booking and should be added to the client’s Folio. You will check in your LeisureLink guest as usual and prepare TWO folios:

• Guest Folio No. 1 is for any guest incidentals (these charges will be paid by the guest directly so be sure to get the guest’s credit card at check-in and add it to this folio).

• Guest Folio No. 2 is for the “Total Due to Property” amount as indicated in LeisureLink’s “Marketspan Booking Notification” e-mail you received upon booking. The FastPay card is authorized for only the amount indicated as “Total Due to Property”. Please call the Customer Service department if you have any questions with the amount indicated to charge.

FastPay Benefits

  1. Get paid faster than before – instead of waiting weeks, you can charge the card immediately upon check-in or after departure
  2. Helps seasonal properties better manage cash flow
  3. Fastest payment terms available for third party merchant sales channels
  4. All of these great accounting benefits to save you time and administrative costs:
    • No offset adjustments
    • No need to look for checks, make deposits and look for corresponding remittance advices
    • No need to look for deposits in bank accounts, then apply manually to all individual bookings


Q: When will I receive the unique credit card assigned to a FastPay booking?

A: The FastPay credit card number will be sent to you via email at the time of booking.

Q: When should the FastPay card be charged?

A: You can charge the virtual card at guest check-in or up to 30 days after arrival.

Q: Do I need to obtain a pre-authorization before charging the card?

A: There is no need to get a pre-authorization on this single use credit card as it is set up to be available to charge upon check-in. If you attempt to pre-authorize the card prior to the date of check-in, then the card will decline. There is no need to be alarmed by this as the card will be available to be charged on the check-in date. Please know that you can always call the Customer Service number listed below if you run into any issues upon charging the card on the check-in date.

Q: Does the guest’s credit card need to be retained once the FastPay card is in the property’s booking system?

A: Yes, the guest’s credit card should always be retained in addition to the FastPay card in order for your guest to pay for incidental charges incurred during their stay. Be careful to keep the cards and guest folios separate, under no circumstances should the FastPay card be overwritten with the guest’s credit card.

Q: If FastPay gets declined when charged, what should be done in order to receive payment for the booking?

A: The card may only be charged for the amount indicated as “Total Due to Property” provided to you via the LeisureLink Booking Notification email, attempts to charge other amounts may result in a declined charge. Other reasons for a declined card may include an attempt to charge the card when there is an existing authorization on the card (i.e. from the time of check in). When this occurs the transaction can be processed with the authorization code that was given when the authorization was processed. If this does not resolve the problem, contact LeisureLink FastPay at 866.582.4573. In addition, be aware that your system may already store the authorization code and there may not be a need to “swipe” the card again. Please refer to your system’s reference material for more information on how it processes authorizations and transactions.

A: Can one credit card be charged for all guests that check-out on a given day?

A: No. Each booking is assigned a unique 16-digit card number that can only be authorized for the “Total Due to Property” amount shown on the Booking Notification email.

Q: Can I charge FastPay for incidentals?

A: No. All incidentals need to be charged to the guest credit card on file.

Q: If FastPay is not charged by the time the guest checks out, how long do I have to charge the card?

A: FastPay numbers become active the day the guest checks in and are deactivated within 30 days of the guest checking out.

Q: How should guest cancellations be addressed when using FastPay?

A: Cancellations should be charged to the FastPay card based on your company’s cancellation policy.

Q: If problems are experienced charging the FastPay card can I charge the guest’s credit card instead?

A: No. The guest has already pre-paid for the reservation through the sales channel, please do not double charge the guest by charging their credit card again. If problems are experienced, please contact the FastPay support team to resolve the issue. Always let the guest check-in/check-out while you resolve any problems with our team regarding a FastPay booking.

Q: Is FastPay available to all properties?

A: FastPay is available to most properties within the United States.

Contact Information

A dedicated LeisureLink FastPay call center is available to assist you with any questions you might have.


Support Team Phone Number:


Support Email:


10AM – 8PM EST (Mon-Fri)

10AM – 7PM EST (Sat/Sun)